Axivion Suite 7.8 release

100% MISRA coverage and advanced features for enhanced code analysis

We are pleased to announce the release of Axivion Suite 7.8. The new version comes with enhancements for both Architecture Verification and Static Code Analysis regarding compiler, configuration, analysis, dashboard (WebUI) and IDE Plugins.

100% coverage of all testable MISRA rules

With the latest release, compliance with all MISRA C++:2023 rules, which were published just a few months ago, can now be ensured. By adding the remaining rules, Axivion Static Code Analysis now once again covers 100% of all automatically testable MISRA rules for

  • MISRA C:2004
  • MISRA C:2012
  • MISRA C:2019
  • MISRA C:2023
  • MISRA C++:2008
  • MISRA C++:2023

Compliance with the MISRA guidelines is regularly required for software development in all industries throughout the embedded sector, especially when it comes to functional safety.

Read more about how Axivion helps you achieve compliance with MISRA.

Access the Axivion dashboard via SSO

The Axivion dashboard (WebUI) can now be accessed via existing SSO systems (e.g. MS Entra and Keycloak) - also known as OIDC or OAuth 2.0. For the individual user this simplifies the log-in process. The company’s IT department benefits by having better control over the access rights to the tool, which in turn leads to scalable security for their entire system.

New upload mode with improved features for managing branches

Axivion Suite 7.8 comes with a new upload mode which supports branches and simplifies project management: It allows a separate project to be created when setting up the branches. When the project is deleted during the merge, the comments are still retained. This information from the branch will then be merged with the notes from the main branch during the next automated check with Axivion. This way, code changes can be better documented and tracked, which is particularly advantageous for long-term collaboration within a team.


Possibility to localise the Setup GUI and WebUI

With the release of version 7.8 Axivion Suite for the first time offers the possibility to localise the Setup GUI and Web UI. While English is the predominant language when it comes to developing software, especially for globally operating teams, having the possibility to use localised interfaces can help increase the productivity of the software developers.

Already available are the following language packages:

  • Setup GUI: Japanese
  • Web UI: Chinese and Japanese


Clone Detection and Clone Management for C#

Clone Detection and Clone Management for C and C++ has been one of the standard features of Axivion Static Code Analysis for many years. This part of the analysis is now also available for C#. It allows the early detection of clones in code, thus making software easier to maintain and avoids failure. With the new release additional metrics and style checks for C# have been added as well.

Further highlights of the Axivion 7.8 release

Other noteworthy highlights of the new release include the integration of the latest EDG C/C++ parser. This makes Axivion Suite compatible with the latest compiler versions such as clang17. As for architecture verification, developers now have an additional importer option when using UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams: PlantUML. Other improvements related to architecture verification are related to Gravis, Axivion’s built-in graph visualisation tool: Notes, e.g. attached to nodes, can be expanded and collapsed as needed. It is also possible to add free-standing notes, which do not require to be attached to anything. For further improvement of the usability, Gravis now includes a zoom bar, allowing to get a better view of details in the software’s architecture.


For a complete overview of features please visit Axivion Suite.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us.