Coco 5.0.3 Release: Out Now

froglogic's Coco team is pleased to deliver a maintenance release of Coco, version 5.0.3, to maintain working support for recent Windows 10 installations, along with a number of other bug fixes. This patch-level release also introduces additional instrumentation support in the CoverageScanner program.

Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem in which C++ member function pointers in templates would cause a parser error in the CoverageScanner.
  • Resolved an issue in which use of and and or operators instead of && and || operators caused artificially high reported coverage levels in the MC/DC and condition metrics.
  • Added support for the Q_FOREACH macro when compiling with C++17.
  • Added support for null-coalescing assignment operators in C# 8.0.
  • Added support for object relocation when using the GNU linker, ld.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the command line tools (e.g., cmmerge) to abort unexpectedly on recent Windows 10 installations.
  • Resolved a problem in the Windows installer, now enabling silent installations which no longer call the license wizard.

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