Release of Coco 6.0 With IDE Integrations

We are happy to announce the release of Coco 6.0. This major feature release brings code coverage information to where developers work: right into their favorite IDE. Be it Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Visual Studio Code or others. Coco can be run as a service in the background and deliver data about covered and non-covered lines to the code editor. This new blog-post provides details on this new main feature.

See the release notes for a full list of improvements. Here is a summary of what makes up this release:

  • Show coverage information in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Qt Creator and other editors that support the Language Server Protocol (LSP)
  • Various improvements for C++ and C# language features
  • Support version 9 of IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Support clang-based cross-compilation from Microsoft Windows to Linux.
  • Support the clang-cl compiler
  • Execution data locking on NFS file shares
  • Add-In support for Visual Studio 2022

The new release can be found in your download area as of now. Just note that a subscription license is needed for the upgrade. Please contact your account manager to upgrade your license if you have not upgraded already.

The Coco Team