Coco 6.1: Adding New Compiler Support

The release of Coco 6.1 broadens the support  of compilers, report formats and programming language elements. The main new features are listed below.

New Compiler Support

Support for three new compiler toolchains have been added:

  • TI Compiler (cl6x)
  • Synopsys ARC MetaWare Compiler (ccac)
  • GreenHills RH850

The host platform support has been extended to include Linux for the GreenHills, the TI and MetaWare compilers.

An improvement for Visual Studio, makes the usage of response files more reliable when used in parallel builds.

SonarQube Report

The CoverageBrowser GUI and the cmreport command line tool offer a variety of export formats for viewing or processing of coverage data outside of Coco. The formats range from plain text, CSV, various XML formats to HTML pages. This new release now adds a native export option to the SonarQube code review tool.

The previous approach of first creating a Cobertura report and importing that into SonarQube is no more needed.

Language Support

The new C++-23 statement if consteval is recognized now. And while constexpr expressions had to be skipped so far, the --cs-instrument-constexpr switch will enable instrumentation support with GNU and Visual Studio C++-17  compilers.

The support for the declarative QML language has seen several additions and fixes for switch statements, loops and anonymous function objects.

See the Release Notes for a more detailed list of improvements.

Download & Free Trial

Customers and evaluators can find Coco 6.1 packages the Qt Customer Portal. If you have yet to try Coco, request your free trial here.

Important: Starting from March 7th, new releases of Test Center, Squish, and Coco will exclusively be accessible via the Qt Customers Portal. To gain a better understanding of how this may impact you, we suggest reading our latest blog post detailing the modifications.