Coco 6.1.1 Simplifies Setup for GreenHills, TI, Metalware and ARM-DS Toolschains

The Coco team is happy to announce the bugfix release of Coco version 6.1.1.

This release resolves an issue with Coco QML, which resulted in no QML coverage being generated in some cases, and it simplifies the Coco setup for the GreenHills, TI, Metaware and ARM-DS toolchains. 

Release Notes

Coco QML

Issue of files without instrumentation points causing cocoqmlscanner to fail.


Added missing compiler wrapper on Linux and Windows for GreenHills, TI, Metaware and ARM-DS toolchains.


You can find the Coco 6.1.1 packages in the Qt Customer Portal.  

New to Coco? 

Check out this article to see Coco in action or go right ahead and request a free trial here