Coco 7.0: Automatically generate test data to achieve higher code coverage

The Coco team is happy to announce the release of Coco 7.0, which centers around the newly developed and highly anticipated test framework “Coco Test Engine”. It helps developers achieve higher code coverage with their unit tests, by automatically generating test data and trying to maximize the number of lines and conditions covered by each unit test. 

Writing unit tests and manually generating test data to achieve the required code coverage for your product can be a very tedious and time-consuming task. The new Coco Test Engine feature in Coco 7.0 reduces the complexity of this task by separating test code and test data. At the same time it can also increase the quality of your testing, as it will likely find relevant test data you would not have found when generating the test data manually. 

Introduction to Coco and Test Data Generation 

This 5 minute introduction video to Coco and the new Coco Test Engine feature, will give you a quick glance at the most important Coco features and introduce you to the most relevant aspects of test data generation with Coco Test Engine, including a short demo that shows the feature in action. 

Learn more about Coco Test Engine 

This interview with Sébastien Fricker, Lead Developer of Coco, gives you the chance to learn even more about use cases for Coco Test Engine, how it works, and which problems automatic test data generation solves. 


How to set up Coco Test Engine 

You can follow along this video guide to learn about how to set up Coco Test Engine. 


We have two free webinars on generating test data with Coco coming up. Feel free to join us for the discussion and to have a chance to raise your questions about Coco and and the new feature Coco Test Engine:

AMER: 15th Nov 2023 at 3:00 PM EST

EMEA: 21st Nov 2023 at 4:00 PM CET

If you are interested in the webinar but can't make it to the dates mentioned above, make sure to register anyways as a recording of the webinar will then be sent to you after the webinar ended.

Release Notes 

Next to the new “Coco Test Engine” feature Coco 7.0 also includes several bug fixes. Check out our Release Notes for a comprehensive list of improvements and fixes. 


For existing users and evaluators new packages for Coco 7.0 are now available in the Qt customer portal.