Coco 7.1: Enhancing your user experience

The Coco team is happy to announce the release of Coco 7.1, which focuses on many smaller quality of life improvements to enhance your user experience. We will highlight the most important improvements of Coco 7.1 in this article. 

Incoherent Instrumentation Improvements 

When different compiler options or defines are used for the same source files across different compilation units, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the overall coverage of these source files. Coco 7.1 now gives you more information and insights about the compiler options and defines used during the compilation of your application to help you tackle this issue. 

For a more detailed look at the improvements in this area and what else you can achieve with these changes, you can read the article that we published alongside this release: What is incoherent instrumentation? 


Coco supports a wide range of different compilers, build automation systems, toolchains, and testing frameworks. We restructured and improved our documentation, to make it easier for you to find the relevant information for your specific use cases. 

Improved constexpr support 

In this release we further improved our C++ constexpr support by adding the option to only consider code that is executed at runtime. You can find a more detailed explanation in our constexpr handling documentation. 


We fixed several parsing and instrumentation bugs for the JavaScript snippets within your QML files and are committed to provide further improvements in future Coco releases.  

Release Notes 

We also fixed many smaller issues in the user interfaces for Coverage Browser and the Test Data Editor and made changes to prevent some common instrumentation errors. Check out our Release Notes for a comprehensive list of improvements and fixes. 

Live Webinar

Don't miss out on our upcoming webinar Smart Testing Strategies - Unveiling Code Coverage Benefits on March 6th to discover all the exciting new enhancements that come with Coco 7.1! 


For existing users and evaluators new packages for Coco 7.1 are now available in the Qt customer portal.