Important: A Change To How You Update Our Applications, Contact Support, and more

In April 2021, The Qt Company completed the purchase of froglogic GmbH, which included all the QA (Quality Assurance) tools with which you are familiar: Squish, Coco and Test Center.

We’re now taking the next step in the journey to improve your experience with some updates on how you interact with us and the applications. Please check this carefully, as it details changes that will deliver a better service but will be different to how things worked up until now.

New login details and portal URL

The most important thing to note is that everything you need for these applications will be found in the Qt Customer Portal. However, your froglogic portal username and password won’t work there for security reasons, so we will supply you with new login details.

In the week of March 6th, you will receive an email invitation to register for a Qt Account that grants you the access to the Qt Customer Portal. If you already have a Qt Account, your Squish, Coco and Test Center licenses will be linked to that automatically.

If you don’t receive your email during this week, please contact

Thereafter, the new portal will be the only place to get new product versions, submit support tickets and more.

Submitting support requests

Once you have activated your Qt Account, you can submit support requests via the Qt Customer Portal. This more efficient ticket system means you can easily raise support cases and track their progress.

Application updates

Currently, you can download all the new versions of the QA tools from the froglogic portal. However, after moving to the Qt Customer Portal, all updates will only appear in the new customer portal. This will mean there is a single source of all vital information and software updates to make it easier to ensure you’re up to date.

If you access the old portal, there will be a notice to inform you that new application versions will no longer be published there. Just an extra reminder, in case you visit there out of habit!

New license manager role

We’ve listened and understand you want more control over your applications, and so we’ve empowered you by creating a license manager who can allocate/reallocate licenses as needed. When staff change departments or leave and new team members join, you can quickly and efficiently update the details yourself.

For existing users of Squish who are not seen as a license manager do not automatically get access to the Customer Portal as this needs to be done by the License Manager for the account.

The License Manager can easily register any existing users of Squish by going to the My Licenses section on the Qt Account and clicking on the license that corresponds to Squish and/or Test Center. Then click on "Add new user", the New User drop down can be used to select known contacts at the same company, so it may contain who needs to be added there already. If so, then select the user and select the role needed (be it Deputy License Manager or End-User). Then click on "Assign User".

For those people who are not listed, then clicking on New Contact will show where you can enter in the information about them so that they can be registered as well. Afterwards, if they don't have a Qt Account from before they will receive email on how to do that, otherwise their existing account will have the license available to them. From there they can open support requests and also download the latest releases.

License activation

Up until now, you had to contact customer support to activate or change the machine associated with a license. We're pleased to announce that you can now generate the License Server Configuration file for your License Server yourself through the new customer portal.

It’s another feature that will save you time as you can activate the license server whenever it suits you best. You can log in and get working straight away.

We hope you’re pleased with these improvements to the current processes, and we look forward to continuing to bring you features that will make our QA applications even easier to use.

Should you have any questions or need more information, please get in contact.