Squish GUI Tester 6.7 Release Webinar Q&A


We greatly enjoyed out recent Squish 6.7 Release Webinar, presenting the latest improvements introduced with the recent Squish GUI Tester Version 6.7! You asked some great questions during the webinar, and we now compiled the questions and answers and include them in this blog.

Getting Started With Squish

Q: What level of programming/scripting skill is required to use Squish and create tests?

A: In general, no scripting skills are required to get started with Squish. Squish features a sophisticated record & replay feature which can be used to get tests up and running in very little time. That being said, some knowledge of scripting is greatly beneficial such that you can tap into the vast pool of third-party modules available for more sophisticated tasks, such as connecting to SQL databases, sending email, or communicating with REST APIs. Squish supports a range of popular scripting languages for composing your tests to support this.

Q: I'm going to watch some of your video and then probably set up an evaluation. Who should I contact for that?

A: You can request a fully-functional evaluation copy free of charge on our web page.

Q: I want to get a demo version but I'm too busy to dedicate a lot of time to the evaluation. How long is the evaluation period?

A: After requesting a free evaluation version you have 10 days to see if Squish suits your needs. The evaluation version is fully functional, and you also get full access to tech support. However, if you find that two weeks aren't sufficient for you - don't worry! Just drop us a mail and we're happy to extend your evaluation license key.

Requesting Tech Support Via Squish IDE

Q: Each Squish user in our team has her own email address. Can we specify the sender address when submitting support requests?

A: Yes, the sender address is freely editable. Holders of a regular Squish license are encouraged to use the email address registered with the Squish support team - an unknown email address will still work, but you will be asked to register yourself with the support staff. Also, a valid email address is required for receiving a copy of the support request you submitted.

Q: How is the data uploaded to froglogic, is it a direct and encrypted connection to froglogic?

A: The data is sent directly to froglogic servers via a SSL-encrypted connection using HTTPS. There is no unencrypted transmission of the support request contents over the Internet.

Q: Is there a limit to the size of the attachments?

A: Yes. The total size of all attachments should not exceed 50MB.

Q: Is it possible to attach screen captures to the support request?

A: This is perfectly possible - you can attach screen shots or even screen recordings. Just make sure that the attachments are not larger than 50MB.

Q: Can we review the list of support requests submitted via the Squish IDE?

A: After submitting the support request via the Squish IDE, all further communication is done via email. Thus, any exchange with the froglogic tech support stuff is readily available in your email inbox.

Q: Does the user submitting a support request receive a confirmation indicating that the upload succeeded?

A: Yes, a copy of the uploaded support request will be sent to the sender's email address.

Watch The Webinar

If you missed it live, or if you're looking to revisit the session, we've uploaded a recording of the webinar to our YouTube channel.

If you have any other questions, drop us a comment here or send us an email!


    The Qt Company acquired froglogic GmbH in order to bring the functionality of their market-leading automated testing suite of tools to our comprehensive quality assurance offering.