Why to upgrade to a subscription model of our Quality Assurance tools

Before being acquired by The Qt Company, Froglogic used to sell perpetual licenses for Squish, Coco, and Test Center, as well as renewable maintenance service to keep these licenses up to date. As listed below, however, this model has several restrictions and sales of such maintenance agreements will stop at the end of this year. 

The Qt Company released major versions of all Quality Assurance tools – Squish 7.0, Coco 6.0, and Test Center 3.0 – during 2021 and 2022, and only customers with a subscription plan will get access to the newest versions of the software. 

Learn more about what this change means for you as a perpetual license owner.

When Will Maintenance Sales for Perpetual Licenses Be Discontinued?  

The renewal of support and updates for older releases and legacy license models will not be offered beyond the end of 2022.  

If you don’t upgrade to the new subscription model, you’ll miss out on access to the latest release of QA tools and the advantages that the new subscription model brings. 

The Benefits of the Quality Assurance Tools Subscription Model

With the QA tools subscription model, you’ll stay up to date with the latest features and benefits, including:

  • Floating License Server enables sharing and helps enforce compliance: The Named User License model, on the other hand, requires self-monitoring and self-enforcement.
  • Unlimited number of users: The previous releases of the QA tools come with a limited number of total users. But with the new versions, anybody can use Squish and Coco, assuming sufficient concurrent licenses are available.
  • Unrestricted user location: You no longer need to tie and restrict Squish usage to a single physical location—anybody at any location can use the GUI test automation tool. 
  • Test Center is included: Get two Test Center licenses per Squish Tester license, and two Test Center licenses per package of 5 Coco licenses. 
  • All Editions of Squish are included: This includes Squish for VNC that can replace image-based testing tools. 
  • All supported languages for Coco are included: C, C++, C#, SystemC, Tcl, and QML.
  • Always get the supported version in use.

What To Do Next 

To ensure you get the most out of the Qt Quality Assurance tools, don’t delay upgrading to the subscription model. 

Contact your sales rep, get in touch with us here, or review the FAQ on our website.