Test Center 1.2: Now Available!

The froglogic team is excited to deliver a major release of Squish Test Center, version 1.2, offering powerful new ways to manage and analyze test reports, plus a number of usability and performance improvements.

Test Center helps teams of any size assess software project health through its capabilities for aggregating, monitoring and analyzing automated test results as an application evolves.

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Welcoming Git to Test Center: One-Click Verifications

A major roadblock we saw in our users' automated workflows was that there was no streamlined way to view the actual versus expected screenshot in a verification, or a direct method of jumping to the test script sources when a difference was detected.

How did Squish users manage previously? They'd run the tests, usually in some CI system, download the results with the image assets, import into the Squish IDE, and use the IDE to investigate failed results. They'd have to go back to the editor to find the line(s) in their script which were the origin of the failure.

We took these issues, and developed a much more efficient way to handle visual verifications without the cumbersome download-upload-inspect methods from before: with new repository support.

Thanks to repository integrations, which includes generic file system repositories or the version control system Git, you can now view the expected verification with one-click, right in Test Center. This feature fetches the expected image for you, eliminating the inefficiencies from times before: no need to download anything, no need to go back to the IDE. Better, even, is that you can update the verification points right from within Test Center. Let's say a color or position of a button has been changed intentionally in a new iteration. Now, you can adjust verification properties and update screenshots right from Test Center's web UI. You can view the context in which the error occurred, too, with the test script sources displayed in Test Center. And, if your code is under version control, you can associate the appropriate revision of the test sources with your result uploads via labels.

Streamlined Traceability

For the many Test Center users who utilize one of our third party integrations for requirements management, we recognized some showstopping problems in our previous traceability view which made dealing with large numbers of requirements difficult to manage efficiently.

We've made significant improvements to traceability in Test Center 1.2. Suites and cases are modeled hierarchically, and we've added necessary filtering options to allow you to focus on the relevant portions of your test suites, no matter their size. We've also implemented a one-click navigation from the test results to the requirements, providing truly streamlined traceability.

Other Important Stuff

Release Notes

For a complete listing of all changes, be sure to check out the Test Center 1.2 Release Notes.

Release Webinars: First Look, Live Demos, Q&A

We're hosting two free webinars dedicated to the newest features in 1.2. Test Center's lead engineers will offer first looks and live demos at repository support, traceability improvements and more during the sessions, plus a dedicated Q&A portion to get all your questions answered.

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Support is Here

Questions on setting up one of Test Center's integrations? Need help importing your results into Test Center?

Our technical support team is available anytime for your questions, big or small. Reach us at squish@froglogic.com.

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