VxWorks for Qt 5.15.10 Released

We are excited to announce the release of VxWorks for Qt 5.15.10

Qt 5.15.10 long-term supported (LTS) commercial release for VxWorks is a  source code release made on the top of our most recent Qt 5.15.10 (LTS). This release officially updates Qt support for VxWorks from earlier Qt 5 versions, responding to the market demand in several industries such as aerospace and defence as well as medical. It provides Qt version update as well as VxWorks specific bug fixes and other improvements.

This release supports Ubuntu hosts with the iMX6 hardware, and we are working on x86 support as well as Windows host support. The release package is available via Qt Account as well as git repository access for commercial licence holders, please contact us for more details.

Getting Started

There are separate articles about installation and setup, for more detailed information about Qt and Qt for VxWorks, please see the Qt 5.15 online documentation:  





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