webOS OSE for Qt 6.2 Verified

webOS OSE is an open-source edition of LG’s webOS, a web-centric and usability-oriented software platform that has long powered LG Smart TVs and Digital Signage. Based on its reliability and potential demonstrated by more than 70+ million devices sold worldwide, LG Electronics has made it available to anyone. The initial version of webOS OSE was launched in March 2018 under the philosophy of open platform, open partnership, and open connectivity. Since then, there have been about 15 of releases with new features and bug fixes, powered by the efforts of LG’s internal development team and the contributions from the developer community.

WebOS Opensource edition 2-3

Qt LG Partnership getting stronger

LG webOS is now fully aligning with Qt 6 technically as webOS Open Source Edition (webOS OSE) v2.13.1 has been fully verified by Qt acceptance testing, aiming to extend the platform reach of Qt 6.2 to new consumer electronics, such as smart TVs, robots, and washing machines. Qt 6 will also be used by LG in upcoming consumer electronics products and business applications. All of this is part of the Qt-LG partnership, built on a joint vision and roadmap for future smart devices. A Qt Creator plugin is also available for easier development, another example of software contributed by LG to the larger Qt ecosystem. webOS also can provide additional functionality to the Qt ecosystem, such as digital signatures.

We are delighted to be continuing our journey with Qt, and firmly believe that our partnership will help LG deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers for many years. Qt is a main building block in webOS, our operating system for smart devices, and we are making the move to Qt 6.2 as we are convinced that the framework features available today, as well as those outlined in the product roadmap will help LG achieve our future vision. We are excited about webOS being a fully supported operating system Qt developers can build their applications on.”  

 Sangyong Lee, SVP and Director of LG Automotive & Business Solutions Research Center

With our latest Qt 6.2 update we wanted to ensure long-term stability for the existing features while laying the groundwork for how Qt will keep evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. We’re excited for the next chapter of our partnership with LG. “

Marko Kaasila, SVP Product Management at The Qt Company

Reference Hardware Raspberry Pi4

We have used the latest Rasberry Pi4 has been used in testing to keep up with the de facto hardware the community is using, the development host being Ubuntu 20.04.

For more information on webOS, please see: https://www.webosose.org/

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