Welcome the Qt Champions of 2019!




After having processed the nominations with the current lifetime champions we have now come to a consensus on the Qt Champions of 2019! A special thank you to @SGaist and @mrjj for your help in this regard!

This year's Maverick is Denis Shienkov who was one of those who stepped in to help the qbs project when it was handed to the community. Not only that he has continued to maintain Qt SerialPort and has also provided a lot of fixes to Qt Creator too and yet still finds time to handle reviews across a number of projects and modules too. For that Denis is deservedly our Maverick this year.

We ended up with two winners in the Fixer category this year, it was too close to call between the two so we felt that it was best to have two winners as a result. This year the honors fall to @christian-ehrlicher and Orgad Shaneh.

Christian became our rookie of the year last year and has continued to contribute a lot to Qt both in the form of patches and reviews while also being one of our moderators on the Qt Forum. He has been getting involved in some of the lesser maintained modules and is not afraid to ensure that things are done correctly when reviewing patches thus making sure the quality of Qt stands.

Orgad has contributed a lot to Qt Creator this year as well as being very helpful when it comes to reviewing patches as well and is additionally has been a long serving member of the community. So it is only fitting that he is also the winner in the Fixer category this year and as a result becomes our third lifetime champion.

We also have two Developers winners this year, @aha_1980 and Richard Weickelt. André is an active maintainer for the Qt SerialBus project continuing to develop it further and has also contributed with patches in a lot of other areas as well as being a moderator on the forum. He is always willing to help out newcomers to the project as well which makes him a deserved winner of the Developer title. As this is his third year with the champion title then this also makes him a new lifetime champion, increasing the number to four now throughout the whole community.

Richard has contributed considerably to the qbs project since it was handed to the community and has done a lot of work developing it further and helping to keep this project alive and healthy to the delight of its users. For someone who had only started contributing in 2018 this is a great achievement.

Our Community Builder winner this year is @jsulm. Johan has been very active on the Qt Forum and is always seen answering questions all over the categories and is also active in being a moderator, keeping the forum clean and useful for its users. Thanks to him we are able to have a good and healthy community on the Qt Forum.

Last but not least, @tasuku.suzuki is our Ambassador for this year. Suzuki-san has been very active with the Qt user groups in Japan and has done a lot to arrange events and help spread the good Qt word throughout Japan. Not only that, he is active in writing blogs about Qt and has also contributed a number of fixes to Qt as well. Not only that, he has also created the https://qtlite.com website which helps make a minimal Qt build. This has already proven to be useful too. Suzuki-san has done so much that it would be hard to place him in a single category, but his efforts in promoting Qt in Japan stand above the rest which is why we have chosen him as our ambassador for this year.

So congratulations to all of our Qt Champions for 2019 and congratulations to Orgad and André once again on becoming our 3rd and 4th lifetime champions.

Thank you to all of you and to all of your in the community for making this a great community to work with. I hope to work with many of you again in 2020!

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