Welcome to our 2020 Qt Champions!

We have now handled the nominations with the current lifetime champions we have now come to a consensus on the Qt Champions of 2020! A special thank you to @SGaist, @mrjj, @aha_1980 and Orgad Shaneh for your help in this regard!

Firstly, I would like to make a special mention for one of the nominations this year which isn't a nomination for a person but for a whole project. The KDE project. As I am sure a lot of you will already be aware but the KDE project is very much involved with the Qt project and has its contributors have contributed a lot Qt over the years as well. So although as a project it is not eligable to be a Qt Champion, we were unanimous in the fact that we wanted to highlight the fact that the KDE project has contributed a lot to the success of Qt and as such warrant being mentioned as part of the Qt Champions.

Now without further ado, it is time to announce the winners of the Qt Champions for 2020. Starting with our year's Content Creator who is Bryan Cairns aka Voidrealms. Bryan has a few courses available on Udmey, specifically his course on Qt 5 Design Patterns and also has a popular group on Facebook which helps others with their Qt questions as well. For his work alone in creating the Qt 5 training course online for everyone to benefit from it was easy to make him our year's Content Creator.

When it comes to the Maverick this year, then the honor goes to Denis Shienkov. During the last year Denis has submitted an exceptionally high number of patches to Qbs and Qt Creator bringing in support for a number of different toolchains and debuggers which add extra value for bare metal developers. Not only that he has created a Visual Studio code extension for Qbs which brings the Qbs project to an even wider audience too. His continued effort to bring Qbs to a larger audience and to keep it working alone is justification enough for him being our Maverick this year.

This year we ended with two winners in our Developer category, both of them have contributed a lot, as well with patches as with reviews. So rather than just picking one, we decided to go with both of them: Ivan Komissarov and Giuseppe D'Angelo.

Ivan is another very active contributer for Qbs, he has submitted and reviewed at a rate which is really impressive for any contributor on any project. He hasn't limited himself to just code fixes, he has contributed documentation, improved support for features and is one of the key contributors for the Qbs project as well.

Giuseppe is a name which a lot of the developers may recognise, thanks to his numerous patches and also reviews on a lot of their patches as well. Giuseppe has contributed a lot of Qt 6 specific patches from the start of the whole process and has helped a lot to get Qt 6 into the state that was desired. Also his constructive feedback on patches has helped a lot of developers improve their patches and has also caught some things which may have gone unnoticed.

So both Ivan and Giuseppe are easily our Developer champions this year.

This year we have two new lifetime champions, both throughly deserved in getting their titles, starting with Christian Ehrlicher.

Christian is our Quality Assurer champion this year. He has been doing a lot to help ensure that the SQL support in Qt is much more stable, catching issues and fixing them in an module that has not received a lot of attention, but thanks to him is in a good and stable state. He has contributed patches and has reviewed even more ensuring that our quality in the code is kept to a high standard. For that he is worthy of the Quality Assurer title and also being our fifth lifetime champion.

Johan Specht aka @jsulm will be a name that you recognise if you frequent the Qt forum, he is our Community Builder champion this year being recognised for his numerous contributions on the the Qt forum helping out beginners and advanced users alike. When you get an answer from Johan then you know you are going to be on safe ground and will be able to get your question answered. For his long term commitment to the forum, it is alone reason why he is our sixth lifetime champion.

So congratulations to all of our Qt Champions for 2020 and congratulations to Christian and Johan once again on becoming our 5th and 6th lifetime champions.

Thank you to all of you and to all of your in the community for making this a great community to work with. I hope to work with many of you again in 2021!

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