Design Better Embedded Systems With Qt

Read the top stories on why Qt is considered the best solution for developing embedded systems and connected devices and how it enable faster time to market with low cost.

Qt is everywhere!

Qt is the most popular choice of both developers and business for creating high performance embedded systems with 3D/2D user interfaces and deploy and test on your target hardware from day one.

Developers love Qt as it provides them with all the tools and flexibility to create embedded applications and systems.

Introducing QtKnx

KNX is the European leader for smart home and building protocol. QtKNX now allows for writing software for smart homes to enable home automation. Take the existing Qt functionality and the new QtKNX to easily get started.

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Qt from git on the Tinkerboard (with Wayland)

Qt offers versatile ways of being used with a vast variety of boards, Laszlo explores this idea with using Qt from git on Tinkerboard.

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Device detection in Qt for Device Creation 5.9

Qt for Device Creation provides ready disk images for a variety of devices. With 5.9 Qt has new way of handling device detection. Learn how Qt recognizes the USB devices.

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Getting more out of Qt Quick with OpenVG

In Qt 5.9 is now possible to render Qt Quick applications with OpenVG when using hardware that supports it. This allows to run graphics hardware acceleration where only software rendering is available.

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According to Gartner 20.8 billion connected devices will be available in the market. Qt will be enabling a lot of them as a leading platform for creating embedded devices.

Qt for Automation

With plethora of connected devices entering the market, automation has become more relavant. Qt for Automation not only hands you additional libraries and tools but also includes domain-specific services to overcome industry-specific problems.

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One man takes 160 hours to create a demo application of an embedded system using Qt & QML and same number of hours to create the very equivalent application using HTML5. Discover how the two technologies compare.

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Multiple UI processes with QtWayland – A summary

QtWayland is a Qt 5 module that wraps the functionality of Wayland. It provides QML and C++ APIs for developing custom display servers based on Wayland protocol. QtWayland helps unify user experience across all screens while leveraging your hardware in digital automotive cockpit.

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Internet of Things: Why Tools Matter?

With IoT the number of connected devices are growing at a rapid pace. Not only is the devices growing but the complexity and amount of software is increasingly rapidly.

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