Creating future-proof Industrial Software Solutions – Architecture Verification and Static Code Analysis for Industrial Applications

Online 15:00 Apr 17, 2024 UTC +2

In the world of industrial automation, systems are required to solve more and more complex tasks. As a result, your software needs to grow and constantly adapt.

  • So, how to ensure that your software can keep up with the constant changes? 
  • Are you still able to maintain and modify your code without problems? 
  • Do you also need to comply with industry standards (e.g. IEC 61508)?

In this webinar, we will draw on our decades of experience in supporting the development of industrial software solutions and will

  • identify the most common pain points
  • discuss the causes of these issues and how to resolve them
  • explain what is needed to create future-proof industrial applications
  • show the benefits of using Architecture Verification and Static Code Analysis 

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Speaker: Sebastian Rummler (Business Acceleration – Qt Quality Assurance): Sebastian Rummler was one of the co-founders of Axivion, which is now part of the Qt Group.

Through his own experience as CEO and thanks to many years of insight into customer projects, he has developed a profound understanding of the challenges associated with managing software development. It is this knowledge that allows him to help businesses balance quality, time and budget to ensure long-term benefits and enhance efficiency.

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Location Online
Starts 15:00 Apr 17, 2024 UTC +2
Ends 16:00 Apr 17, 2024 UTC +2
Type Live Webinars

Cost Free
Language English
Topics Quality Assurance
Organizer Qt Group

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