Meet Qt in Eindhoven

Qt Group is coming to Eindhoven for a free-of-charge Meet Qt seminar. Don't miss the chance to meet the Qt experts and speak with other Qt customers and the community at this live event. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided.


  • Qt Framework Roadmap  
    Qt has been going through major changes over the last years. Starting with an introduction of the latest features in Qt 6.7, an outlook on the next steps will be given. How will Qt further broaden its cross-platform story? Which types of new UI technologies will be enabled? How Qt helps to manage your development platform?
  • How to create better software with Qt’s QA Tooling 
    Have you considered embracing Quality Assurance practices to facilitate the "shift left" approach, prioritizing quality from the earliest stages of development? During this session, Qt will present and showcase the portfolio of Quality Assurance tools that could be used throughout the development cycle, as well as provide some insights into Architecture Analysis, Static Code analysis, Code Coverage and Automated UI Testing.
  • Transition to Qt 6
    Qt 6 has been released in December 2020, meaning almost 3.5 years ago. Not only has 6.0 brought many architectural advantages and helped the framework to stay future-proof. Since then, Qt has been adding significant value to its core product. In this presentation, Qt will provide highlights you might be missing in case you have not upgraded yet.
  • Customer Case: CamTronics, Niek van der Steen, Technical Project Manager, CamTronics
  • Performance and Qt
    Creating user interfaces with Qt has never been easier. But how do you make sure that your UI works at the best performance and ensures a fluid experience for your users? Qt will present and showcase the portfolio of existing tools for developers, as well as provide some insights into how Qt tracks potential regressions in their CI/CD systems.
  • Sioux Technologies & Qt: Using Qt as a high-tech solutions partner, Davy Kox, Senior Software Designer, Sioux Technologies
  • Open Discussion Forum: Qt and Cybersecurity 

    The European Union signed the EU CRA in 2024 and will become effective in 2027. This will imply a radical change in how to distribute any kind of software, standalone as well as part of a device. Starting with Qt presenting the ongoing activities, we would like to better understand initiatives, concerns, and suggestions from our users. Where do you struggle with staying compliant with the Cybersecurity Act? What are your expectations on Qt and other software vendors?

Attendance is free, however spaces are limited, so make sure you register today to reserve your spot! Please email us at if you have any questions.

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Location Microlab Eindhoven, Kastanjelaan 400, Eindhoven, 5616 LZ, Netherlands
Starts 10:00 May 28, 2024 UTC +2
Ends 16:00 May 28, 2024 UTC +2
Type Trade shows & seminars

Cost free of charge
Language English
Organizer Qt Group

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