Qt Group & L'Embarqué webinar

Online10:00 Mar 28, 2023 UTC +1

How do Static Analysis tools help with compliance for software safety and cyber security?

All industries are facing increasing cybersecurity and operational safety issues in the design of their products with embedded software.

In a world where software is complex, you need tips and tools on how to meet these challenges throughout the development and certification cycle. You can expect from this webinar to learn: 

  • Innovative methods in static code analysis and how to best integrate them automatically into your quality processes.
  • Concrete examples of how to use different types of verifications, in particular the analysis of the code in software architecture.

The webinar will be held in French.


Erwan Coz, Senior Solutions Engineer & Emmanuel Penzes, Senior Solutions Engineer, Qt Group



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Location Online
Starts 10:00 Mar 28, 2023 UTC +1
Ends 11:00 Mar 28, 2023 UTC +1
Type Live Webinars

Cost Free
Language French
Topics Testing
Organizer Lembarque
Email info@qt.io
Website https://www.lembarque.com/