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QtCon Brazil 2018

São Paulo, Brazil8:00 Nov 8, 2018 UTC +2

We are excited to return this year to the second annual QtCon Brazil.

QtCon Brazil is the place to exchange experiences, business opportunities, and much more for developers, enthusiasts, and companies that build their businesses around Qt. Following the success of the 2017 edition (which was the first QtCon Brazil!), QtCon Brazil 2018 has the following objectives:

i) provide a meeting point for developers, engineers and managers of Brazilian and Latin American projects to share their experiences on creating technologies using Qt;

ii) disseminate the adoption of Qt in Latin America, with the objective of expanding the FLOSS employee base, enabling business opportunities and strengthening relationships with sectors such as the software industry, universities and government;

iii) to consolidate the integration and expansion initiated in QtCon Brazil 2017 of the community of developers and companies working with Qt.

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Location São Paulo, Brazil
Starts 8:00 Nov 8, 2018 UTC +2
Ends 18:00 Nov 11, 2018 UTC +2
Type Trade shows & seminars

Language Portuguese, English
Topics QML, Qt
Organizer Qmob