Smarter Products Need Smarter Development

Increase Innovation And Drive Growth By Modernizing Digital Product Delivery - An investigation into modern-day development challenges and how software product teams are responding to them.


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How are your peers reacting to the semiconductor shortage?

As demand for connected products grows, the pressure to quickly create and launch innovative digital products also increases. To get an idea of how modern manufacturing organizations are adapting to current issues like the semiconductor shortage, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global study with 262 embedded device and connected product development decision-makers from managers to C-level executives. The study shows that more than 80% of manufacturers are affected by the challenges in producing digital products and services and need to adapt to supply chain shocks and shortages.

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Traditional embedded development practices are insufficient when building smarter digital products

Customer expectations for easy-to-use, continuously improved, and connected products put pressure on development teams. Keeping up with the requirements means shifting from traditional embedded development processes to smarter development practices that adapt to supply chain shocks and keep product delivery moving forward.

Organizational and cultural challenges hinder digital product development 

Lack of collaboration and shared objectives, slow processes, developer burnout due to unrealistic requests, and difficulty maintaining and scaling software across multiple hardware targets. For 79% of companies, these issues negatively impact their ability to deliver digital products. For 31%, it means delays that can last from seven to more than 12 months.

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Putting the customer at the center of the product delivery process is key to smarter development

Solving digital product delivery challenges requires putting the customer at the center of the product delivery process and then adjusting culture, organization, process, skills, technology, and measurement practices in response. The study shows the decision-makers are placing increased importance on customer experience in their product development cycles.


DevDes Keynote: Digital Products Rewrite The Requirements For Development Tools

Watch a recording of guest speaker Vice President and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond's related keynote from the 2021 DevDes online event. Join him as he reviews Forrester’s latest research into how modern manufacturing organizations are making changes to culture, organiziation, delivery process, technology and to adjust to the new demands for innovation and faster delivery of digital products.

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