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Join the IoT Revolution with Gimasi's QML-Based Multiplatform Digital Signage

Digital signs are everywhere. They're signpost screens in museums, menu displays in restaurants, or animated advertisement billboards in retail stores. Nothing too exciting if all they do is replace ye olde paper poster. But when someone like Gimasi comes along and combines digital signage with the IoT and lots of creativity, you have all the signs of a revolution.

"IoT is not only the about sensors and radio technologies to acquire and transmit data, the key application is to deliver effective dashboards that can evolve with a changing dataset. Qt with its core technologies enables us to respond to ever-changing customer requests"

– Massimo Santoli, CTO, Gimasi


  • Fierce competition requires fast adaption to changing hardware and software requirements. 
  • Data transfer has to be minimal because of limited bandwidths.
  • Consistency across commercial content templates is critical for Gimasi's customer.


  • Qt's multiplatform capabilities let Gimasi react quickly to changing markets and opened new business opportunities for the small team.
  • QML files are lighter and more flexible, which makes them ideal in situations with limited bandwidth, e.g. with NB-IoT.   
  • QML-specific plugins let Gimasi's customers easily integrate commercial templates quickly and consistently.

"Qt's cross-platform capabilities were key to our success. They put our solutions one step ahead of the rest and allow us to quickly adapt to the ever-changing software and hardware requirements of digital signage."

Massimo Santoli, CTO, Gimasi

Beyond the Billboard

In addition to the hardware and application, Gimasi's Dilitio solution includes a cloud-hosted content management platform, data analysis, and custom application integration. This turns the humble billboard into an interactive multimedia platform full of possibilities. In schools, they can be used as displays to teach more effectively. In retail stores, they can be integrated with e-beacons for a digital in-store experience. You could order food in a restaurant from digital menus integrated with your smartphone. Picture sitting at a sushi-ya poking at a picture of a teriyaki-tuna maki roll with mango and salmon on your phone and watch it roll down the conveyor belt. Now that’s tasty tech!

Within the Qt application, you can configure content with drag-and-drop controls via a remote web interface. The plugin infrastructure keeps the content dynamic and updated. It also makes it possible to send the QML files to the device via the cloud.

The main reasons why Gimasi decided to build their signage technology with Qt were the flexibility and multi-platform capabilities. The competition in the commercial digital signage sector is fierce, and the ability to port the same code base to several platforms created previously impossible opportunities. In the case of a customer who wanted to downgrade to an Android player, Qt enabled the switch without the need to change anything else.

Qt Features Used

Multiplatform capabilities

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Qt Quick

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Qt Networking & Connectivity

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Qt for IoT

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A Sign of the Future

Gimasi’s focus on new IoT solutions may well change how the digital signage game is played. Imagine a digital ad sign with image recognition software that fulfills two of billboard advertisers’ greatest dreams: To be able to measure how many people looked for how long at a certain ad and to customize the content based on who is standing in front of the screen.

Or remember last time you went into the cinema and you had to wear those goofy 3D-glasses? Gimasi used Qt to integrate a new video codec that enabled a lenticular fiberglass mask with millions of small lenses in front of the monitor to project 3D imagery – no 3D-glasses required.

Gimasi specializes in projects that require deep knowledge of digital signage technology, business analysis, marketing and communication strategies, programming skills and product design abilities.

Gimasi has created a network of business units that support companies transforming their brand experiences. Whether you are an enterprise seeking cost-saving and revenue-generating solutions, or a small business striving to meet your customer expectations, talk to us. We will put our more than 20 years of experience to work to help you achieve your business goals.

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