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A Breakthrough Development in Laboratory Automation

Solving Automation Challenges in the Lab

Located in Hamburg, Germany, GLP Systems develop a modular, single-tube transport and storage system which features smart ‘cars’ that transport individual samples in high-throughput laboratories.

This novel approach to lab automation is removing known limitations of existing automation systems. Some common challenges come with a need to improve analytic routing options, shorten turnaround time and limit the potential sources of error. Clinical laboratories are as well constantly seeking solutions that would help them process an increasing number of sample tubes while reducing costs in time-consuming and high maintenance systems. An additional goal is to enable connectivity to a vast range of instruments in order to reduce complexity and cost, and what is more important – to make it easier for users to make automation decisions.


Alongside our own drive, we only work with the best and most reputable partners. Technical support that Qt has provided has been of indispensable value for us during the whole development cycle, shortening out time-to-market significantly.

Michael Kakuschky, Senior Software Developer at GLP Systems

The Impact

GLP Systems chose Qt over other software solutions because of Qt’s comprehensive and highly intuitive APIs, modularized C++ libraries, declarative programming technology, and tools.

Particularly Qt Quick and its unique approach to UI design provided several advantages, such as bringing designers and developers to work closer together. Having their UI layouts declared in QML is very intuitive for designers, which frees up time for developers to focus on other project phases. High-level abstractions and optimized workflow have allowed for rapid UI prototyping for GLP Systems. The ability to communicate and collaborate on a single code base also makes easy cross-compiling to other platforms with various screen sizes and provides the staff with additional ways to access the lab equipment via portable devices.

Qt in the Backend

Unlike many other development frameworks, Qt has provided GLP Systems not only with a UI toolkit but also with libraries and APIs for background processing, such as networking, databases, and the Qt Serial Bus API. Instead of using different solutions for UI and backend processing, Qt creates value on both ends. As a result, GLP Systems saved a large amount of development time and manpower.

In the medical industry, it is critical that the human-machine interface (HMI) is responsive and performant. Low latency response provides a critical quality threshold and thereby a competitive advantage. Profiling and analyzing tools included in the Qt framework helped GLP Systems spot and eliminate bottlenecks in HMI performance. Those tools saved even more time and ensured a significant advantage in the everlasting time-to-market race.

Highlighted Qt Features

Qt for Device Creation

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Qt Network

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Qt Serial Bus

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Profiling and Analyzing Tools in Qt Creator

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Qt Core

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Qt Quick Controls 2

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GLP systems

Located in Hamburg, Germany, GLP systems develops cutting-edge automation systems for clinical laboratories, including total-automation and modular solutions. With a focus on “Freedom, Excellence, and Simplicity”, these solutions deliver superb levels of performance, choice, and manageability.

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