Offline Qt Downloads

We recommend you use the Qt Online Installer for first time installations and the Qt Maintenance Tool for changes to a current install.

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  • 5.9.x Offline Installers
  • Qt Creator
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Offline Installers

Qt offline installer is a stand-alone binary package including Qt libraries and Qt Creator.

Linux Host

macOS Host

Windows Host

Source packages & Other releases

The source code is available:

  • For Windows users as a single zip file (792 MB) (Info)
  • For Linux/macOS users as a tar.xz file (484 MB) (Info)

You can get split source packages from hereOr visit the repository at

All older versions of Qt are available in the archive.


Qt Creator

Qt Creator 4.9.0 is released and it is available via Qt online installer. If you need a standalone installer, please select the file according to your operating system from the list below to get the latest Qt Creator for your computer.

 The source code is available as a zip (41 MB) (Info) or a tar.gz (31 MB) (Info). Or visit the repository at

Be sure to check if Qt is supported on your platform and read the installation notes that are located in the Qt Documentation.

Looking for Qt 5.13 Beta 2? It can be installed by using official online installer. Source packages can be downloaded from here.