(Senior) Software Engineer, Documentation Infrastructure

Oslo, Norway

About the Role

We’re looking for candidates to join our documentation infrastructure team. The team is responsible for the tools and infrastructure behind the renowned documentation for Qt, Qt Creator, Squish, and others.

As the team is co-located in our office in Oslo, you need to be either already living or willing to relocate to Oslo, Norway. We offer a permanent work contract, a competitive salary, many perks, interesting projects, and great colleagues!

In your first project, you will work closely with experienced colleagues to maintain and improve QDoc, the tool we use to build documentation. Started more than 20 years ago, it boasts a legacy codebase, written mostly in a C-style C++. With your help, we will transform it into a more powerful, user-friendly, and modern tool! It is possible to get an idea of what the job entails by looking at some of QDoc's long term stepping stones, some of QDoc's feature requests, bugs, and commits.

What does the job position offer?

  • Working on open-source

QDoc and the Qt documentation is developed as part of the Qt Project, and open collaboration effort with participants around the globe.

  • A humane environment

The team and the company deeply value the well-being of employees. This means balancing the requirements of their position and personal life, allowing them to be at their most productive.

The company provides flexible hours, support for personal learning, and no requests for overtime.

  • An environment that allows personal creativity to emerge

The team values personal initiatives, creative thinking, cross-subject experience, and a desire to satisfy one's curiosity.

Team members are encouraged to criticize, contribute, or propose improvements and generally act on their vision for the project.

  • A collaborative environment

The team works in a collaborative way, and is open to input on team-related, project- or process-related decisions and proposals. Input is provided constantly by fellow documentation writers and software engineers.

The team appreciates collaborative work, from planning of all team-related projects to pair-programming on specific tasks.

  • A comfortable office space

Positioned in the center of the peaceful Nydalen neighborhood, inside the Norwegian Business School building, easily accessible by both personal and public transportation systems, the office provides two-people personal office rooms, with large and comfortable shared spaces.

  • Great colleagues from all over the world

The Qt Company is a highly international workplace where you will work with an communicate with colleagues, fellow Qt project developers and users from all over the world!

What are the requirements for the position:

  • Experience with the C++ language and its ecosystem

The Qt Project is a primarily C++ codebase, established both in the language ecosystem and its paradigm.

A certain familiarity with a modern interpretation of the language and the surrounding tools, such as CMake, are required to traverse the Qt project and its evolution.

  • Ability to evaluate and improve software at an architectural level

An ability to evaluate a codebase at different levels of granularity, with an eye for architecture, coupled components and broadly scoped mutable state.

  • An understanding of writing documentation and its importance

QDoc, as a documentation generation tool, lives adjacent to Qt's documentation, which defines its purpose.

Well-written documentation is essential for a successful product. It is important to apply these concepts to the codebase, to identify and document implicit assumptions and the mental model used during the product development, such that knowledge is shared between team members.

  • A particular care for correctness over feature development

Following experience and traits are also valued:

  • Experience with Clang/LLVM

QDoc uses Clang/LLVM to generate and validate C++ class documentation. Previous experience in Clang/LLVM or other compiler technologies is therefore an advantage.

  • Experience with non-C languages

While the Qt project is primarily a C++ codebase, the team values also experience with different paradigms and realities that exist in the industry, as well as appreciation of the history of computer science.

For example, experience with lisp, forth, prolog, haskell, or maybe some niche languages is valued, perhaps more so than a deep understanding of the C++ language.

  • Ability to work in a large codebase

Qt and QDoc are battle-proven tools that need to work on various platforms and toolchains. Previous experience with working on large and grown codebases will therefore help you to get up to speed.

The team would like to know more about you. Tell us about your skills, strengths, and knowledge, but even more importantly about yourself.

Annual Gross Salary Range: NOK 500K - NOK 700K and an attractive variable pay scheme. In addition to that we provide benefits in kind like, health insurance, life insurance, pension scheme, vision benefit, gym discount, relocation assistance, hybrid work set up and more.

Be yourself at Qt

At Qt, we appreciate the individual differences of our employees and aim to promote diversity through all our practices. We provide a workplace that generates equal opportunities regardless of gender, religion, national origin, age, disabilities, and any other factors. We have unique product, but our people make us exceptional. We strongly encourage people from all groups to apply – we welcome you as you are.

We would like to know more about you. Tell us about your skills, strengths, and knowledge, but even more importantly about yourself. What is your passion? What do you love to do? Our team would be happy to meet you, talk more about the position, and introduce you to our culture.

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