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Discover the power of automated GUI testing with Squish

Ensure your software works flawlessly on all platforms and devices with Squish, the advanced and reliable GUI testing tool from Qt Group. Squish helps you easily automate your GUI testing for desktop, web, mobile, and embedded applications.

Whether you're a developer, tester, or quality assurance professional, Squish will help you optimize your testing workflows, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional end-user experiences.




Automated GUI testing that just works


Built for agile-oriented teams 

Schedule routine or custom-triggered test executions, identify regressions before builds get to QA, and get the fast feedback on commits the team is looking for.


Support for hybrid technology apps

Seamlessly automate multi-technology applications or applications with more than one toolkit. Interact with UI controls of each type natively and automatically and focus your efforts on application quality.


Better QA collaboration

Squish fully supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), an agile testing method that brings together technical and business project stakeholders to bring high-quality products to market.


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Hear from a Squish customer

Learn how EU-XFEL uses Squish to test the graphical user interface of Karabo, the control and diagnostic software behind the world’s largest X-ray laser. 

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