German Federal Office of Information Technology chooses Squish for Java

The German Federal Office of Information Technology (BIT), part of Germany’s Ministry of the Interior, chose Squish out of several alternatives as the automated GUI testing solution for their Java-based Elektronisches Personal-, Organisations- und Stellenmanagement application—EPOS.

EPOS is the management and administration system used by many of the German government’s administrative offices. Germany’s Federal Office of IT (BIT) conducted a study to choose an automated GUI testing solution for the automation of their efforts to ensure continued quality during the further development of the EPOS GUI.

Squish is a professional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that enables testers to create and execute automated GUI tests for applications based on a variety of different GUI technologies. This includes applications based on Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Qt, Web/HTML/AJAX and many other UI technologies. Squish stands out from other GUI test tools thanks to its close integration with each supported GUI technology—a feature which helps ensure that GUI tests created with Squish are very robust and stable.

For the study of Java GUI test tools, the German Federal Office of IT evaluated and compared the tools Squish for Java (Qt Quality Assurance), QF-Test (Quality First Software) and SilkTest (Borland) based on a table of criteria. Squish for Java came out as the clear winner and has been chosen for the anticipated task.

“We are very proud that the German Federal Office of Information Technology has chosen Squish for Java over its competitors. This, as well as the continuing tremendous growth of our user base even in the current economically challenging times, underlines Squish’s lead over our competitors’ products.”

Reginald Stadlbauer

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