Squish for Qt Success at Funkwerk

“The decision to use Squish was very important and correct.” said Dr. Thomas Herbst from Funkwerk IT

We had the pleasure to interview Dr. Thomas Herbst, Technical Project Lead at Funkwerk IT, who use Squish for their automated GUI testing effort. They use Squish to automate the GUI tests of their application which provides the control panel of an electronic railway control center.

How did you learn about Squish?

Dr. Herbst: We searched on the Internet for a suitable tool.

When did you start to use Squish?

Dr. Herbst: We are using Squish on a very regular basis since September 2007.

What are the main reasons you decided to use Squish for your automated GUI tests?

Dr. Herbst:

  • Squish supports Linux (next to Windows, Mac OS X and other Unices).
  • Squish offers dedicated support for the Qt toolkit.

What are Squish’s main advantages over the competition? Why did you choose Squish over its competitors?

Dr. Herbst:

  • Squish is very robust if the application’s layout changes.
  • Qt Quality Assurance is open and helpful satisfying customer requests.
  • Squish is very stable.

What’s your favorite feature of Squish?

Dr. Herbst:

  • The user interface is very clean and easy to use.
  • Squish is non-intrusive on the target system which allows tests to be run on a real-world system.

Are you satisfied with Squish’s technical support service?

Dr. Herbst: I do not think Squish’s technical support service could be improved any further.

How many Squish tests cases do you have approximately by now?

Dr. Herbst: We have approx. 1000 test cases automated today. The number is still constantly increasing.

Where do you see the main benefit of automated testing?

Dr. Herbst: The coverage of the application’s functionality using automated tests is very important to be able to provide a reliable statement about the application’s quality. That way the risk of critical errors in new releases has decreased a lot for us.

Do you use any other 3rd party or internal tools complementing your testing effort?

Dr. Herbst:

  • FlexeLint
  • Valgrind
  • Rational Test Realtime

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Dr. Herbst: The decision to use Squish was very important and correct.

Mr. Herbst, thank you for your time!

    The Qt Company acquired froglogic GmbH in order to bring the functionality of their market-leading automated testing suite of tools to our comprehensive quality assurance offering.