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Qt 5.12 LTS Released 

Solid Performance. Stability. Long Term Supported.

Qt 5.12 Long Term Support (LTS), the new solid development base provides even better performance, refined experience, thousands of bug fixes. All that, with a three-year support.

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Meet Qt 5.12 LTS Webinar

In this webinar, our CTO Lars Knoll and SVP R&D Tuukka Turunen will talk about performance and quality improvements coming with Qt 5.12 LTS, as well as additional features it brings.

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Download the whitepaper to learn more about the potential benefits and drawbacks of adopting certain versions of Qt, and to get more hints on what version would meet best your development needs.

Qt 5.12 LTS version is particularly well suited for users in production projects. Supported for 3 years, it provides a mature development base with lower number of experimental and new features, minimized migration effort between patch releases. With major focus on issues during the production lifetime, we prioritize Qt customer issues to ensure timely product shipments.

Download the Whitepaper: Why Upgrade to Qt 5.12 LTS or Beyond?

The Benefits of Adopting the Latest Qt and Drawbacks of Remaining Behind

Focus on Performance 

One of the key areas for Qt 5.12 LTS is to make Qt faster while lowering memory consumption. How do we keep slimming it down and at the same time adding new features? Our CTO shares the tricks.

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What's New

Due to many customers relying upon Qt LTS releases, ensuring great performance and reliability is a big focus for the 5.12 edition. Besides the usual bug extermination, we didn't miss a chance to throw in a few crowd-pleasers. For a more comprehensive Qt Docs overview of new and improved features in Qt 5.12 LTS, visit here.


Modern JavaScript Features in QML


The QML runtime now implements the 7th edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification standard. This provides access to all of the built-in types and functions defined by this standard. 

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TableView in Qt Quick


A big time-saver is this new item in Qt Quick for working with tables. Quickly create Excel-style data presentations with performance that beats the TableView QML Type (Qt Quick Controls 1) by a large margin. 

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MyScript Handwriting Recognition


Qt Virtual Keyboard with MyScript’s AI-based handwriting recognition technology adapts to your handwriting in 71 languages to prevent distraction while driving: letters written in cursive or on top of each other are no issue.

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Now Fully Supported in Qt Quick

Proudly putting a graduation hat on these proven features!

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Qt Quick WebGL Streaming


WebGL streaming is a QPA plugin that sends (“streams”) OpenGL calls of your Qt Quick application over the network. Those are in turn translated into WebGL calls and thus can be rendered at HTML5 Canvas. Now you can have an application running on a remote host and render its GUI in a local web browser.

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Qt Remote Objects


Qt Remote Objects (QtRO) is a cross-platform inter-process communication (IPC) module that extends Qt functionalities. One of the key features of Qt to enable this is the distinction between an objects API (defined by its Q_Property, Signals and Slots) and the implementation of that API.

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Qt Quick Input Handlers


Qt Quick applications now have a fully supported lightweight declarative API for recognizing and handling the most common mouse, touch and multi-touch gestures (press-hold-release, drag, and pinch) from mouse and touchscreen, in parallel across the scene.

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Port Qt to Something New

Working with a configuration that is way different than what we officially support? Tell us more, we also love tinkering around and have helped many Qt fans get up to speed.

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The future is written with Qt!

Learn how Qt fans worldwide used Qt to build great things. Be it desktop, mobile, or embedded, from smart homes to enterprise applications – there's some top notch engineering everywhere you look! 

Velneo's rapid development environment for enterprise applications.
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Parker Hannifin enables OEMs to consolidate multiple machine UIs into one single display.
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All the screens of Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ are #builtwithQt
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In smart TV on the UI level and in control software, Qt is an integral part of LG.
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Rockwell Automation smart factories and industrial automation
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