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Gray Holland

Explore the story of Gray Holland, owner, director, and founder of UX Flow in this insightful interview. From his background as a car designer to his journey using Qt Design Studio and QML, Gray shares how these innovations transformed his career and approach to design.


Niek van der Steen

Niek van der Steen at Camtronics leads the development of eco-friendly sewer inspection cameras using the Qt framework, enhancing infrastructure management with innovative technology and rapid deployment. This approach not only accelerates maintenance but also significantly reduces environmental impact.


Lennart Kocken

Uncover the story of Lennart Kocken, a former tax advisor turned developer, as he shares his transition from freelance web development to programming with Qt QML and C++. Join him as he describes the challenges and rewards of developing user interfaces for real-world applications, leveraging the power of Qt to optimize performance and create responsive experiences.


Nils Dorando

Nils Dorando, a seasoned C++ developer praises Qt's consistent evolution and portability across platforms, making it a dependable choice in the fast-paced tech world. Their cautious yet optimistic view on AI's future highlights the balance between innovation and regulatory challenges, positioning Qt as a key player in adaptable, forward-thinking software development.


Lili Tong

Dive into the world of software engineering with Lily Tong from ABB E-mobility, specializing in software for electrical vehicle chargers. Lily shares her academic journey from physics to electrical engineering & computer science, highlighting her passion for logical thinking and problem-solving. Qt's versatility in covering both front and back-end development, coupled with excellent support from the Qt team, has propelled ABB Mobility's project forward.


Arne Wenzel

Discover the fascinating journey of Arne Wenzel, R&D Director for QA at Qt Group as he shares insights from his seven-years experience in the industry. From using Qt tools to adapting and succeeding with new approaches, learn more about the pivotal moments that led to his success in the quality assurance business.

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