Webinar: Automatic Test Data Generation With Coco

In this webinar we will introduce Coco’s enhanced capabilities that address the challenge of achieving high code coverage in complex software.

Typically, testers and developers compose test suites based on conventional cases. But when the software becomes too complex, the number of input parameters and edge cases that need to be tested become overwhelming, making the final percentage points of code coverage very difficult and time-consuming to achieve.

In this webinar, we will present Coco Test Engine, our new tool that helps overcome these challenges. It leverages Coco’s code coverage analysis capabilities and a genetic algorithm to automatically discover test data that maximizes code coverage. Automatic test data generation accelerates the achievement of high code coverage for safety-critical industries, aids in code refactoring, helps uncover potential edge cases, and speeds up the testing process.

Tutorial How to Set Up Coco Test Engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB1PZZkVApk

Coco Free Trial: https://qt.io/coco-free-trial

Coco Documentation: https://doc.qt.io/coco/release-notes.html