Addressing Medical and Industrial Challenges {On-demand webinar}

The QNX® Neutrino® and its safety variant, the QNX® OS for Safety, are widely regarded as safe and secure operating systems for embedded devices, and Qt is one of the most widely used application and device development frameworks. In this webinar we will explore how solutions from these two embedded powerhouses can be combined for an even more powerful solution when stringent functional safety and security requirements are encountered. During this session you will hear from: Elton Lum, Director, Field Application Engineering from BlackBerry QNX, Pat Shelly, Manager, Solutions Architecture, and Shawn Dorsey, Technical Artist from The Qt Company. During this webinar, attendees will learn: -How QNX OS for Safety and QNX® Black Channel Communications offerings can be used in conjunction with Qt for Device Creation and Qt Safe Renderer to improve safety and security in the industrial and medical markets. -How Qt and QNX can be leveraged in practical situations, including robotic surgery and a smart warehouse solution including robots and multiple layers of control stations.