Continuously Test Embedded Systems Keyword-Driven with Qt's Squish with Björn & Miguel | #QtWS23

Abstract: Modern embedded systems are always connected, and information can be retrieved by a variety of applications on multiple platforms: web, mobile, and desktop. Therefore, end-to-end tests need to automate all those endpoints, platforms, and APIs at once. This can lead to a complex and heterogeneous test environment, very quickly. In this talk, there will be shown how Squish for Qt together with keyword-driven testing according to ISO29119-5 is able to reduce complexity from such a test environment by unifying the test adaption layer and reaching most of the stakeholders involved in QA besides developers.

About the Speakers: Björn Morgenthaler heads as tech lead of the "Test Engineering & Validation" team at Comlet Verteilte Systeme GmbH since 2018. Before that, he owned several roles, starting as a software engineer to Scrum Master and project lead for several embedded and IoT industry-leading customers of Comlet. This brings together over 15 years of experience in software and product development. Quality was always and still is a major focus. Miguel Garrido, originally from Spain with a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, is a Software Developer at Comlet Verteilte Systeme GmbH since 2021. He is part of the "Test Engineering & Validation” team and has taken part in the design and implementation of test automation solutions and architectures for customers since.