Customer Case: Mercedes-Benz with Victoria Fischer | #QtWS23

Abstract: Mercedes Benz is using Qt to build its world-class MBUX, allowing pixels to be pushed at tremendous speed. How exactly are we doing it? With QtWayland, of course. Let's explore what it means to build a platform on top of Qt and Wayland, together.

About the Speaker: Victoria Fischer is a free software hacker with decades of experience in countless fields besides software, now working at Mercedes Benz. Her team, the HMI Enablers, are delivering an entire UX platform on top of Qt and Wayland at tremendous speed. She brings a wealth of organizing and community-building experience from working in California housing law, on top of unfathomably deep technical expertise from maintaining large chunks of KDE's multimedia components, like Phonon-GStreamer. She lives in Berlin with her partner and two fuzzy cat-children and can often be found playing way too much Minecraft on Twitch when she isn't writing chiptune music with her Ukulele and Game Boy, or hosting a morning radio show from her studio.