Deliver a rich graphical UX without blowing your hardware costs - DevDes 2021 Delivering a rich HMI within a limited budget often requires a fair amount of exercise and creativity for both engineers and managers. With Silicon vendors like NXP, ST, Renesas, and Cypress offering a range of powerful microcontrollers to drive 2D graphics, all that is needed is a set of software tools that extracts the best performance from these MCUs while making the GUI development process a cakewalk for developers and designers alike. The agile design-develop workflow that comes with the tools provided with Qt for MCUs helps deliver a fluid user experience to wow the end user. Qt for MCUs comes with libraries that do all the heavy lifting related to graphics, thereby letting the team concentrate on the application’s functionality and enhancing the value for the end-user. This presentation walks you through the various scenarios and use cases where Qt for MCUs provides an economical advantage for device manufacturers.