Enhancing Embedded Device Development: Streamlining the DevOps Pipeline with Marko Klemetti | QtWS23

Abstract: In the rapidly evolving world of embedded development, effective DevOps practices are more crucial than ever. This presentation will talk about the optimization of DevOps pipelines to achieve not only greater efficiency but also a better developer experience. I will explore practical and innovative ways to streamline workflows, reducing cognitive load and enabling developers to focus more on their core tasks. Furthermore, we will address the integration of security within these pipelines. By incorporating security measures within the DevOps process, we can ensure that our development is not only faster and more efficient but also compliant and more reliable. This talk provides insights for any organization looking to elevate its embedded device development through a more effective DevOps pipeline.

About the Speaker: Marko Klemetti is the CTO of Eficode. During his journey, Eficode has helped more than a thousand organizations make a transformation with the means of Agile and DevOps. Marko still spends a significant amount of his time advising organizations on their path to becoming modern and software-driven. Marko is still a passionate programmer, working mostly on emerging technologies that have the potential to become mainstream in the future. That helps him gain a very in-depth understanding of the trends and new possibilities. As part of his work at Eficode, Marko is also a founder and advisor in many tech startups.