Enhancing Your UX to Engineering Workflow, ICS - DEVDES, 2021

Qt Design Studio promises to improve the User Experience (UX) to Engineering workflow by providing a unifying framework that encompasses both groups. The UX team can greatly simplify the communication of their vision exactly to the Engineering team with Qt Design Studio. And by taking some additional simple steps, UX designers can ensure that Engineering gets going in the right direction. Conversely, when Engineering discovers areas of the UX design that need improvements, they can use Qt Design Studio as a means to illustrate these needs so that the UX team can quickly understand the issues and extend their design.

This talk will show you how to integrate Qt Design Studio into your UX and Engineering workflow to close the gap in your design and development cycles.

We’ll discuss some tips and tricks for structuring and preparing your design files from Photoshop, Sketch or Figma to be imported into Design Studio. And we will discuss what are reasonable expectations for the use of certain features by the UX team.


Andrew Babkin ICS Taimoor Tanweer ICS


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