Ensuring GUIs Minimal Footprint & Maximal Performance in MCU Applications | User Interface | #QtWS21

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are increasingly present in MCU applications. Typical GUI implementations of microcontrollers are limited by the amount of computing power, peripherals, and memory resources that could be allocated to manage the screens and graphics. Qt for MCUs has a low footprint optimized for microcontrollers. This is one side of the equation. Combining an optimized lightweight graphics engine with a powerful compiler will secure that your GUIs in MCU-based applications can be fast, compact, and energy-friendly. In this session, we will talk about how to quickly find the optimum solution that balances these requirements. We will discuss size vs. speed optimizations and you will learn how to write compiler-friendly code that will provide you with the best optimization to meet all of these goals. In addition, we will show you which coding constructs are good (and which are not!) from an optimization point of view and how you can leverage C++ to achieve fast and compact code on GUIs in MCU-based applications.

Speaker: David Källberg (EMEA FAE Manager, IAR Systems)