From Code to Influence: The Road to Staff Engineer at Sky with Jonathan Courtois | #QtWS23

Abstract In today’s tech landscape, the notion of progression often pivots towards management roles. Yet, for engineers, the Individual Contributor (IC) career path emerges as an influential alternative. Drawing from Jonathan's journey as a C++/Qt developer and his involvement in pioneering projects such as Sky Q and Sky Glass, Jonathan aims to guide you on how to ascend to leadership positions within the technical realm.

About the Speaker Jonathan Courtois is a Distinguished Engineer at Sky (UK), leading the development in C++/Qt of the immersive UI experience of Entertainment OS, the operating system powering Sky Glass and Sky Stream. With Qt roots tracing back to 2007, Jonathan was the Qt community leader on (from 2010 to 2012) and led the writing of the book “Créer des applications avec Qt 5”, the first Qt 5 book in French released in November 2013. Deeply passionate about software excellence, Jonathan advocates for the seamless integration of CI/CD and industry best practices. He fervently believes in the cross-collaboration of Product, UI/UX, and Developer teams within agile frameworks. His mission? Ensuring that teams consistently deliver top-tier software to customers in a swift and iterative manner.