Getting Qt to run on new MCU environments with Bruno Vunderl | #QtWS23

Abstract: Unlike desktop application environments that provide (more or less) stable APIs on how to render your user interfaces to the screen, getting even a simple UI to show on a new microcontroller or a new real-time OS can be a challenge. Join us for a presentation where we will, in real-time, make Qt run on Zephyr RTOS. We will start with creating a new Qt kit, write basic memory allocation and timekeeping, and finally display rendering functions. After the end of the presentation, you will have a basic knowledge of how to make your MCU environment run Qt

About the Speaker: Bruno is a Solution Engineer working at Qt where he's currently helping clients to start new projects and have a smooth experience using Qt products. From his student days in Croatia, Bruno was very interested in and involved in building automotive user interfaces, embedded devices, and microcontrollers. Before joining Qt, he used the Qt framework to create instrument cluster user interfaces for the automotive industry. You might have already driven a car with his software.