How Qt Tools Help with Compliance for Software Safety and Cybersecurity with Erwan Coz | #QtWS23

Abstract: Most industries need to take into account safety and cybersecurity problems during their product development including embedded software. Regulation authorities like the EU or FDA are more and more demanding on both safety and cybersecurity requirements to accept a product in the market. Some innovative methods and best practices will be presented to address these challenges during the full life cycle of the software development including the certification. Some concrete examples will be presented to illustrate how Qt tools usage could help to implement solid development and testing processes.

About the Speaker: Erwan Coz is Senior Solution Engineer at the Qt Company. He has been working for more than 20 years in the embedded software industry. He held various technical and project management roles in the Professional Services organization at Wind River (RTOS and embedded Linux distribution vendor leader). Before joining Qt, his last position was more focused on product and project technical presales at Krono-Safe a software vendor offering a tool suite and a real-time kernel for embedded safety-critical application development. Erwan holds an engineering degree from CentraleSupelec engineering school located on the Paris-Saclay University campus.