Integrating Qt Interface Framework with Qt Design Studio with Marcin Pawlikowski | #QtWS23

Abstract: Qt Interface Framework is a powerful tool that allows for the separation of frontend and backend implementations. On the other hand, Qt Design Studio is an excellent tool for designers to bring their designs to life. By integrating the Qt Interface Framework into the designers' workflow, you can ensure that they have access to proper backend simulation, offload developers from UI integration work and ensure both parties can work seamlessly on design and implementation, resulting in a faster and more streamlined development process.

About the Speaker: Marcin Pawlikowski is a skilled software developer with experience in C++ and Qt. He has worked on desktop and mobile applications, as well as HMIs for maritime and automotive use. He has a solid understanding of the entire application development life cycle, from design and prototyping to release and maintenance of the complete feature set. After work, Marcin enjoys developing games and riding a motorcycle.