Machine Learning meets Embedded Development {On-demand webinar}

Qt and Ekkono are working together to improve machine learning integration in the embedded development space. Ekkono has its own SDK, built to help developers rapidly deploy edge machine learning to embedded connected devices, allowing for conscious, self-learning, and predictive software. Imagine if all this functionality was easily adaptable into your existing Qt workflows. The possibilities are mind-boggling.

In this webinar you will learn how:
• Ekkono and Qt are paving the way for a streamlined method to implement a machine learning model for anomaly detection within a Qt application
• Improve workflows between machine learning experts and embedded stakeholders (UI/UX + Product managers + Embedded developers)
• Learn how the integration between Ekkono's machine learning for the Edge and Qt framework provides a faster iteration and prototyping procedure for all stakeholders in the embedded space (machine learning experts, embedded developers, UI/UX experts