Meet Qt 6 {On-demand webinar}

Join Lars Knoll and Tuukka Turunen to learn about the all-new Qt 6 with Q&As. Qt 6 offers you The Productivity Platform for the Future. We want to close the gap between the increasing amount of software requirements and your team’s capacity. That’s why we’ve rearchitected Qt to be more efficient and added productivity-enhancing tools throughout the design, deployment, and development stages. Qt 6 empowers next-generation user experiences. One tool, one language, and one engine for 2D and 3D graphics with support for Vulkan, Metal, Direct3D, and OpenGL!   Qt 6 enables limitless scalability for your software. Be it on a microcontroller or a supercomputer – those you are using now, and those you will be using in the years to come. Same codebase. Any hardware. Any OS. Bare metal.   Sign up now to join the software development revolution and learn more about:  - How ecosystems innovate each other   - Why Qt 6   - Qt Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI)  - Qt Quick 3D   - Qt Quick Controls 2 desktop styling   - High DPI Support   - New property system and bindings for C++ developers - Revamped Concurrency APIs   - Networking capabilities   - Platform interaction   - Changes under the hood   - C++17 and CMake   - Operating systems: development hosts and targets   - Qt Creator IDE  - Qt Design Studio 2.0   - Qt for microcontrollers (MCUs)   - Migration support   - Qt 6 roadmap and outlook for the future   Speakers: - Tuukka Turunen, Head of R&D, The Qt Company  - Lars Knoll, Chief Maintainer, The Qt Company