Moving to Vulkan in Qt for Automotive - Pros & Cons, Siili {Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020}

Join Filip in a live webinar on Vulkan with Qt in the Automotive context. The talk will cover following ares: Debugging (debug layers, render doc) Benchmarking (cpu offloading, pipeline statistics, memory budgets) Memory management (Memory types - device, host, lazy allocations) and touch upon VulkanRHI Speaker: Filip Wasil, Senior 3D developer, Siili Experienced UI developer with low-level 3D graphics background. Always following the good programming practices and effective software design. Appreciates working with Linux based operating systems and graphics application user interfaces. Experienced in driver interfaces giving access to programmable pipeline features (OpenGL 3.3+/OpenGL ES 2.0+). Exploring new C++ standards and the metaprogramming features of modern C++. Author of an open source OpenGL C++11 graphics engine - Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020 was held in May 2020. 35+ live tech talks, Q&As, and more were carried out by members of the international Qt community, in a free online event for designers, developers, and technology managers; focusing on interactive learning to create high performance UI/UX, applications with the Qt framework.