Scaling Digital Cockpit Development

The in-vehicle digital experience often falls short of user expectations, with drivers choosing instead to use their smartphones in the car to satisfy infotainment needs. This is surprising given the comparatively small size of the smartphone screen. When mirroring the phone's screen to the in-vehicle display, it will not be integrated with the vehicle in a way that the driver can enjoy a truly convenient and safe driving experience. This is largely owing to the traditional project-by-project car development cycle. Each car brand undertakes a new development project, from scratch, for new vehicles. Foundational cockpit components are repeatedly rebuilt, requiring integration and a new UI design which leads to lengthy and costly development cycles. But, does this have to be the case? What if we could re-use core digital cockpit components and interface elements? What if we could offer developers and designers the tools to easily configure and customize the in-vehicle infotainment experience across screens, models, and brands? This talk discusses scaling the digital cockpit development and how TomTom IndiGo empowers carmakers to differentiate where it matters most to them.

Speaker: Eva Jennings, TomTom