Product differentiation through your ebike HMI

As major cities move to adopt to a new post-pandemic reality, electric Bikes are going to leap forward and cross the chasm into mainstream. Preference for private transport, need for less expensive alternatives to cars and increased demand for CO2 neutral transportation are some of the trends that work in e-Bike’s favor. However, as e-bikes take a bigger role in their user’s daily lives they also face new requirements. The HMI needs to feature basic functionality such as speed, time, distance traveled and battery level. It needs to provide an intuitive and natural access to power as well as cycling optimized navigation. But perhaps most excitingly it is a canvas for a completely new suite of services that have not yet been dreamed up. At best these new digital services act as sources for brand differentiation and incremental, recurring service revenues. They network users together, capture data insights, and increase OEM loyalty. At worst they deteriorate margins by offering end-users services they don’t need, features that complicate use, slow down new model development and deteriorate already thin product margins. Join experts from Siili Auto and the Qt Company on 1st July 2020 at 4 pm CEST/ 10 am EDT who will discuss best practices that allow cross-functional teams to rapidly ideate, prototype, iterate and bring to market relevant and differentiated HMIs. The webinar is aimed at people working in OEM Product innovation, -development and -management, OEM CX / UX design & OEM Business development and strategic product planning roles. Speakers: Väinö Leskinen, Managing Director, siili_auto Michele Rossi, Senior Product Manager, The Qt Company What you will learn: • Why a good HMI and new digital services pay off as relevant brand differentiation and incremental revenue • How to change the UX innovation and design approach to include a digital touchpoint. • HMI scenarios in the e-Bike market, smartphone based or embedded based approach • Hardware trends in the market • How to speed-up the GoToMarket and save bill of material using latest software in the market