Python and C++ interoperability with Shiboken {On-demand webinar}

C++ and Python are two fantastic programming languages that bring to the table a considerable amount of features which made them the number one option for different tasks. How we can bring the best of two worlds together? With Shiboken. Shiboken is the binding generator tool that the Qt project uses to generate the Qt for Python project from the Qt/C++ code base. In this webinar you will understand how Shiboken works, but more importantly how such a popular project like Qt for Python is generated, and also how to embed Python in your existing Qt/C++ applications. After this webinar you will be able to: - Expose your C++ projects to Python via bindings - Made your Qt/C++ applications Scriptable - Understand the Qt for Python workflow, so you can contribute to it Speaker: Dr. CristiĂĄn Maureira-Fredes, R&D Manager, The Qt Company