QML/C++ Architecture Best Practices & QML Tips for Efficient Development - Dev/Des 2021

This talk targets all engineers who want to improve their QML knowledge.

In this talk, you learn:
* Best practices of Qt C++ and QML application architecture to scale Qt projects
* Separation of Model, View, and Logic Code in your Qt App using QML
* Where to draw the line between C++ and QML
* How to achieve well-structured QML projects and how to keep big projects with QML code clean and easy to maintain
* Common QML mistakes and how to avoid them
* How to test QML code faster

This talk is a summary of our Advanced QML training from our professional services offer. It reflects our learnings from 10+ years working with Qt and QML from 200+ shipped applications. You will learn best practices for QML and tips on how to leverage the power of QML.