Qt Core UI, Live Forum {On demand webinar}

Let's talk Qt Application Architecture! Creating a user experience that is simple for the user, specific for the developer, and surprising for the designer constitutes some of our values at Qt. Join our live discussion to learn about each others' user experience design methods, common pitfalls, and best practices to make the most out of your Qt projects. We’ll kick off a discussion about designing Qt applications with everyone who is interested in sharing their experience. Corey Pendleton will discuss how Qt Design Studio allows for compartmentalizing and simplifying the transition from design ideas into prototypes and full Qt applications. Bram Santoso, one of the architects of Core UI, will share the advantages of Core UI as an architectural design choice in developing Qt Project. The Core UI Architecture enables a component-based architecture to achieve modularity and reusability, by breaking the UI down into several individual UI components. It also has a clear structure to isolate dependencies with the backend and enables “live-reloading” using Qt Creator IDE 4.13.0 to significantly speed up the development process. If you're interested in learning more about application architecture, here are a few reference articles: https://doc.qt.io/qtdesignstudio/studio-javascript.html https://doc.qt.io/Neptune3UI/neptune3ui-application-architecture.html https://luxoft.github.io/qml-coreui/